How to create a Sora account

Sora is a network aiming to become a decentralized economic system and a DeFi hub. It is built upon substrate and it plans to connect to Polkadot relay chain as parachain.

You can create a Sora account in any wallet that supports Sora mainnet, for now the easier way to create an account is using Polkadot.js so we will be using it for this tutorial.

To begin go to Polkadot.js, in the top left you will see what network you’re connected to.

As you can see while writing this tutorial I was connected to Polkadot so, the first step is change the network to Sora, at the time of writing this Sora can be found under “Live networks” area.

To switch the network just click the logo of the network go back up and click the switch button.

After the switch the UI should look like this, if it does not then repeat the previous steps.

Under the “Accounts” menu click on “accounts”

Click the “Add account”

You need to complete 3 steps to create a new account, during the first step you will receive the mnemonic seed for your account, for this tutorial I’ll be showing how the window look like but never reveal your mnemonic seed to anyone, people can restore your account with them and steal your funds.

Be sure you click the checkbox and click next

During the second step you can set a name for your account, this name is not persisted accross the network (there is another option to do that), it is for you to identify your account locally only. In this step you need to set a password as well, this password is the same password that will be used to encrypt your recover file so be sure you remember it.

The last step will show you with some details regarding the generation of your recovery file, just click “Save”, a new system window will be prompt asking you to provide a path to store your recovery file.

You should get a json file, store it in a safe place and remember you will need the password you used to generate it to restore you account with it. Inside your recovery file should look like this

After this if you go back to the accounts page you will find your new account there.

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